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Church Route

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The Regional Church Route to the following 7 churches:

1. Cégénydányádi Református Templom 2. Csegöldi Görög Katolikus Templom 3. Jánkmajtisi Római Katolikus Templom 4. Fehérgyarmati Református Templom 5. Kölcsei Evangélikus Templom 6. Tiszacsécsei Református Templom 7. Túristvándi Református Templom

For the Regional Church Route 7 middle-ages churches were selected. Although high percentage of people living in area exercise Reformed religion, it was very important for RWG that other with smaller members existed religious groups are also represented in Project Thetris. Consequently, 4 Reformed, 1 Greek Catholic, 1 Roman Catholic and 1 Lutheran sacred heritage join to the Regional Church Route. All monuments can be easily approached from district centre Fehérgyarmat even on road or on cycle paths of 2 river banks.


Analysis focused on tangible and intangible culture heritage linked to regional churches.


Pilot Actions

LP PA sign posting on cycle way of river bank LP PA sign posting of churches LP PA try audio guide on study tour LP PA presentation Cultural Tourism LP PA presentation Audio Guide system (2)


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