Province of Padova

Provincia di Padova, Italy
Along with the Regional and Municipal governments the Provincial government is one of three administrative levels. As an intermediate government it performs duties on a wide area and is a close partner of the Regional government in issues such as social, industrial and territorial planning. Further powers include high school and vocational training, transport and environmental protection, not to mention culture, tourism, emergency policies, sport, hunting and fishing.

The Province of Padua is located in the Veneto Region in the North East of Italy, and covers the plain protected by the Western Alps between the Provinces of Venice and Verona. The Province has a surface of 2,141.6 Km2, and features 927,000 inhabitants who live in 104 towns. Padova is the most populated Province of the Region (4,900,000 inh.). The capital of the Province is the city of Padova (205,000 inh.) which is the third biggest town in the Veneto Region after Venice and Verona, but indeed one could talk about Padova as a metropolitan area with around 425,000 inhabitants which amounts to almost half of the entire provincial population. Padova is the ideal starting point for the discovery of the surrounding area. The Province has a large cultural and artistic heritage as well as magnificent natural assets. The south is dominated by the Euganean Hills which are dotted with castles, villas, monasteries, and sanctuaries. The three medieval towns of Monselice, Este and Montagnana are of great interest, and Arquà Petrarca, nestled in the heart of the hills, is the village where the famous poet Petrarch (1304-1374) spent the last years of his life. Saint Pelagio’s castle is the seat of the Air Museum, whereas Monselice medieval castle is the home of a vast collection of arms. The thermal springs, whose discovery goes back to the Roman Age, abound in the area of Abano and Montegrotto, which has become the largest European Spa Centre. In the north, the visitor can admire the walled town of Cittadella, the impressive Villa Contarini in Piazzola sul Brenta, and the Palladian Villa Cornaro in Piombino.

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