The Province of Turin

Provincia di Torino, Italy
The Province of Turin is a local Governmental Body administrating an area of about 6830 square kilometres located in the Region of Piedmont, North western Italy. The Province corresponds to a tertiary administrative unit (NUTSIII) of the European Union, is subdivided into 315 municipalities and has a population of about 2. 250. 000 inhabitants.
As a Local Governmental Body, the Province of Turin employs about 1800 people and is involved in coordinating and managing the global socio-economic development of its territory. It is also engaged in delivering a series of crucial public services like territorial planning, transport, road network maintenance, vocational training, hydrogeological defence, agriculture development, environmental protection, support for tourism and sports, social policies.
A dedicated office called “International and European Relationship and Projects Department” coordinates the implementation of European and International Policies and coordinates the execution of European
The territory of the Province of Turin is included in the Structural Funds 2007-2013 Competitiveness objective and it is eligible for participation in the following territorial cooperation programmes:

  • Cross-border cooperation Italy-France ALCOTRA
  • Transnational cooperation: Alpine Space, MED and Central Europe
  • Interregional cooperation INTERREG IV C

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