Bohemian Switzerland, Public Benefit Corporation

České Švýcarsko, o. p. s. Krásná Lípa, Czech Republic
Public benefit corporation was founded in the 2001 to support and promote sustainable development of the Bohemian Switzerland destination. Its goal is to protect and preserve the region culture and nature values based on environmentaly friendly tourism, knowledge, education, publishing and positive presentation. These objectives are being achieved by implementing basic programmes involving multiple projects (passportization of regional timbered hauses with a plinths, passportization and renovation of small sacral monuments and many more).

Bohemian Switzerland is the rural area of outstanding natural beauty lies in the northernmost part of the Czech Republic, close to the Protected Landscape of the Elbe Sandstones (Labské Pískovce) and the Lusatian Mountains (Lužické hory). Together with the Saxon Switzerland National Park on the German side of the border, the Bohemian Switzerland National Park makes up a cross-border tourist region, offering opportunities for relaxation in a unique and uncontaminated natural environment. The face of the Bohemian Switzerland landscape has been also shaped by human presence. Rock chapels, stations of cross and deserted church trails are the reminders of the bygone days and religion of the local inhabitants. The harmony of the local vernacular buildings (timbered houses with a plinths) still attracts visitors, who began to attend the Bohemian Switzerland as early as the end of the 19th century. The romantic name of the area is a product of the modern era, when the region became a destination rather than a home. In the late 18th century, this virtually unexplored world was visited by Swiss artists Adrian Zingg and Anton Graff, who were amazed to discover a new Switzerland, which was later named Saxon and Bohemian Switzerland.

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