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Church Route

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Regional church route of Goriška region / Churches with QR codes

Vredno ogleda: Regionalna cerkvena pot / Cerkve označene s QR kodo

Marijine božjepotne cerkve med Alpami in Krasom /Presentation of Holy Virgin Mary pilgrimage churches of Goriška region

Our pilgrimage route is dedicated to Virgin Mary pilgrim churches, which are situated in the Western part of Slovenia, in the Goriška region. The route ranges from the mountain landscape of the Julian Alps and the Soča Valley, through Brda and the Vipava valley to the Karst plateau, which lies close by the Adriatic Sea. On this route we do not recognise only sacred cultural heritage, but also various natural values. We have thought to name our pilgrimage route after a well-known Slovenian religious hymn Marija skoz’ življenje voditi srečno znaš, in English Mary you know how to lead us happily through life. In the past this song gave courage to many Christian people, especially in turbulent times during the Second World War. In this way we can link past times and cultural heritage with today’s insecure social end economical situations. Also today the way of life of Virgin Mary and this song, which praises her gracefulness and helpfulness, can encourage us to a more compassionate attitude among people.


Analysis focused on tangible and intangible culture heritage linked to regional churches.


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Links to the research institution and experts for Goriška region/ Povezave na raziskovalne in strokovne institucije za Goriško regijo:


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