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Regional Church Route


The Parish Church of St. Michael the Archangel in Binarowa was erected in around 1500. It is a log building surrounded by a covered veranda (soboty), with a post-frame construction spire added in 1596. The interior is a decorative art gallery: the ceiling has precious paintings from the beginning of the C16th, while the walls have baroque biblical cycles and in the chapel there is unique polychrome decoration from 1655. The most precious church fittings are the gothic sculptures dating from the end of the C14th: Madonna with Child, and the bas-reliefs of St. Margaret, St. Dorothy, St. Catherine and St. Barbara, found in the side altars. In 2003 the church was entered onto the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Dębno Podhalańskie

The Parish Church of St. Michael the Archangel in Dębno Podhalańskie was built in 1490, with a spire added in 1601. The church’s emergence is linked to the activity of the Cistercians in Ludźmierz, but the first reliable mention dates from 1335. The interior church walls are decorated by unique painting and polychrome work from the C15th-C16th, featuring geometric and floral motifs in a striped arrangement. Inside the church you can see: a late-gothic triptych in the main altar dating from the early C16th, a historical cross from 1380,
a unique C15th xylophone and a tabernacle from the early C14th. In 2003 the building was entered onto the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Lipnica Murowana

St. Leonard’s Church in Lipnica Murowana dates from the end of the C15th and is one of the oldest and most precious wooden churches in Małopolska, entered onto the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2003. According to tradition it was built in 1141 on the site of a pagan temple hence, supposedly, the so-called Światowid’s pillar, a back support for the St. Leonard altar. The church’s interior is decorated by painting (polychrome) from various periods, from the end of the C15th to the beginning of the C18th. The chancel is decorated with: The Crucifixion, The Last Supper and the Last Judgment, while the nave has scenes from The Passion and The Ten Commandments. Among the precious fittings are: a rare processional feretrum with a bas-relief of the Holy Trinity and a music box (still working).


The Filial Church of St. Philip and St. Jacob in Sękowa is one of the most precious wooden churches in Małopolska”,” and was entered onto the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2003. It was erected in 1520 from hand-cut larch-wood logs. In the C18th a spire and extensive covered veranda (exonarthex) were added. The church surface”,” with the exception of the bell-house”,” is covered by shingles”,” which enhances the picturesque appeal of the building’s mass. The current fittings include a late-renaissance main altar from the early C17th”,” reconstructed in 1948-49 after its destruction in 1915. The altar’s rich polychrome decoration includes a painting depicting St. Nicholas”,” St. Benedict and St. Antony along with a sculpture of the Saviour of the World.


The Cemetery Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Maryin Iwkowa dates from the second half of the C15th and is one of the oldest churches in Małopolska. The low post-construction spire was added in 1619. Fragments of late-renaissance figurative polychrome have survived to the present day. Best preserved are the scenes in the chancel representing the apostles and The Passion of Our Lord. Two beautiful C15th portals capped with trefoil arches have been preserved in the nave. Among the most precious church relics are the sculptures on the rood beam: a C15th crucifix and the figures of Our Lady and John the Evangelist from the end of the C14th.


The Parish Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Rajbrot dates from the beginning of the C16th. According to tradition, the patron of the first church in the village in 1262 was St. Kinga. The single-nave church constitutes a well preserved example of gothic wooden architecture. It has a polygonal chancel, a wider nave and a soaring shingled roof. The late-gothic portals in the nave are cut in ogee arches. The walls and ceiling are adorned with painting dating from 1879 (with fragments from the C16th-C17th). The early-baroque main altar exhibits a C17th representation of Our Lady, known for granting graces, along with sculptures of St. Stanisław and St. Adalbert.


The Parish Church of the Nativity of the BVM in Harklowa was built in around 1500 on the site of a previous church. The building”,” erected using log construction and surrounded by an external arcade (_soboty_)”,” retains the mass of a gothic church. The interior has retained authentic decorative elements from the period the church was built. These are above all the two gothic lancet arch portals”,” which pass into a barely accentuated ogee arch; the remnants of polychrome decoration of the patron saint from 1500”,” and late-baroque altars – the main one houses paintings from the original early-C16th gothic triptych.


The Parish Church of the Holy Trinity in Łopuszna was erected in the second half of the C15th and consecrated in 1504. The church belongs to the older type of gothic wooden churches – it has a chancel ending in a straight wall, with a chapel attached to it from the outside. Inside the church you can marvel at the ornamental polychrome decoration of the ceilings which dates from 1935, while the remnants of polychrome work from 1500 are still visible on the choir loft parapet. The most precious church fittings are: a C15th gothic triptych with a scene from the Coronation of Our Lady, placed on the main altar, as well as two baroque altars.


The Auxiliary Church of St. Martin in Grywałd dates from the second half of the C15th. It represents an older type of wooden churches in Małopolska. The main feature of the building is the spire, which has a wide base and walls that significantly narrow as they rise, with a conspicuously overhanging bell-house. The church is made more picturesque by the boarded external arcade (soboty). The chancel and nave have retained polychrome work from 1618. The fittings include three altars, with the main one containing an interesting late-gothic triptych from the early C16th. The painting in the central pane depicts St. Martin sitting on a white horse at the moment when he cuts off a part of his rich cloak for a lame beggar.


Analysis focused on tangible and intangible culture heritage linked to regional churches.

Małopolska is the region with the highest number of historical sites in Poland, the birthplace of Polish culture, a place that fosters traditions and possesses varied natural endowments. The Wooden Architecture Route that links wooden architecture sacral tresures is a unique initiative for the protection of the world made of wood in Malopolska Region. What is important for its sustainable development is that the objects on the route are located in sub-regions which are diverse in terms of tourist traffic, development of tourist infrastructure, range of cultural offer, density of road network, the number of public transport connections, the number of year-round tourist and leisure centres. However, what they have in common is a large number of high quality monuments, abundant folklore and folk culture, the richness of cultural and natural landscape.


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The Wooden Architecture Route


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