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Province of Turin Churches Route

The Susa Valley has been a central point for connecting Italy with France, through the Monginevro and Moncenisio passes. The medieval period endorsed its leading role as a gateway between the Italian peninsula and the rest of Europe for merchants, armies, aristocrats, men of Church and pilgrims. The Susa Valley has been an important European transit route and across the centuries has been the witness of important historical moments and has had the role of custodian of an immense cultural and artistic heritage, that with a rich natural beauty, has made the valley a unique and extraordinary place. Along this important route were created hospitals, inns, hotels and important religious buildings. From the point of view of environment and landscape in the valley are recognizable at least two areas quite diversified: the area of the lower valley, corresponding to the portion east from Rivoli in Susa, and the upper valley from Susa that goes to the closure of the Alps.

The two areas had been historically divided: the historic boundary between the low and the high valley, in force until 1714, corresponded to the current municipal boundary between the municipalities of Gravere and Chiomonte: downstream extended the dominion of Savoy, upstream from the French (Dauphiné).

The distinctiveness of the cultural landscape of the Susa Valley could be seen in the many social and economic context that coexist together: transit routes, agriculture, sheep-farming activities, administrative and tertiary urban centres, metallurgical industry and manufacturing and winter tourism. The areas is characterized by high territorial disparity among high valley – mid valley and lowland areas. In the high valley there is a well-established tourist industry, as it is evident by the presence of “second homes” hotels and B&B.

The natural environment and particularly the flora are deeply affected by this peculiarity, resulting in a valley with extremely variegated and interesting sites and habitats. In the Susa Valley there are four natural parks, two natural reserves and many Site of Community Importance (SCI) which host many examples of alpine fauna. Notwithstanding the heavy human presence, the Susa Valley features wide semi-natural and wild areas.

Our purpose is to improve the overall system of hotel accommodation, hospitality, catering and the handicraft products outlets fostering the cooperation among public-private operators.

The 4 churches of the province of Turin:

  • Sacra di San Michele / Sacra of St. Michael
  • Precettoria di Sant’Antonio di Ranverso / Preceptory of St. Anthony of Ranverso
  • Cattedrale di San Giusto / Cathedral of St. Giusto
  • Abbazia di Novalesa / Abbey of Novalesa


Analysis focused on tangible and intangible culture heritage linked to regional churches.


Pilot Actions

DSCF9115  DSCF9088  DSCF9094  Pilot seminar with conference in Turin 2-3 February2014



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3D photo contest award ceremony14th of April 2014, Turin
THETRIS PROJECT: 3D photo contest award ceremony

In the framework of the European project Thetris, there will be in Turin a cultural dissemination event in which the top three finishers of the 3D picture contest of the project will be awarded.


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